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- A LIFETIME commission of 30% 

This is what you would be selling:

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Marketing To-Do Lists
Pre-made checklists that walk you through the action steps for:

- Business Storytelling
- Web User Experience
- SEO Set-Up & Maintenance
- LinkedIn
- Instagram
- YouTube
- Facebook
- Twitter
- Social Media Weekly Tasks
- Graphic Design
- Video Editing
- Media Outreach
and more!
Webinar Library
Hours of video content providing instruction and strategy with titles such as: 

- Wheel of a Balanced Business
- Writing a Values Statement
- The Fundamentals of Business Storytelling
- Best Website Design Principals
- Winning Story Formulas
- Company Story Sparks
- Attracting Your Ideal Customer
- How To Work From Home Without Losing Your Mind!
- Finding Content for Social Media
- Social Media 101
- Social Media Tips
with new webinars added each month!
Special Software
Step 3 comes with proprietary business storytelling software built just for you!

Currently, the system includes access to:

Metascraper - this program makes a spreadsheet of your meta-tags for easy editing that can help improve the search rankings for your web pages.

PressGo! - is a “magical” press release maker that formats your news and submits it to contacts in your media list.

Values Generator - walks you through the process of crafting a values statement. Just brainstorm from our list of keywords and phrases (or contribute your own.)

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